Members are invited to display their Velocettes on the club's website.

Just e-mail a text summary of your Velocettes and yourself, and send image files of your machines, (Any e-mails to this email that are not specifically related to the Velocette motorcycle are automatically deleted, unless they are from a club member. Please do not ask about the 'whereabouts' of a particular machine. At the request of members the club has implemented a secure procedure for handling such requests through the club registrars, but this procedure (which is in writing) is only available to members. 'Dating' services are also not available on-line.)
The text should be in the e-mail and not sent as a file.
The image files should be at least 500 pixels wide and preferably saved as a jpeg file in medium quality. If you cannot scan your images, but you would like to mail non-returnable photos instead, please say so in an e-mail and an address to mail them to will be supplied. 
You must quote your membership number (it will not appear on the website)
The Velocette Owners Club reserves the absolute right to edit the text and images or to decline to add either to the website.  
(If your Velocettes are already featured on your own website, or someone else's, you could send a briefer text entry which includes a link to your other website, but also please send at least one image for your entry here. Please still quote your VOC membership number)

Ainley, Tony; East Midlands, England; racing Venom, MAC, last updated 22/1/2002 but see also...
Austen, Graham; England; Bob Strode Special racer, racing MSS, last updated 29/3/2015
Baldwin, Graham; France; 1935 MAC, 1954 MAC, last updated 20/10/2010
Bill Barclay: Velocette Venom Clubman (Thruxtonised), last update 23/01/2017
Barkworth, Michael; UK; Venom, last updated 26/9/2007
Berrington, Carl; UK; Viper, last updated 20/8/2005
Berry, Robin; UK; Venom Clubman, last updated 9/1/2016
Bland, Steve; East Midlands, England; Venom, last updated 10/2/2003
Bridgen, John; South Hants, England; Thruxton, Viper, MSS, last updated 27/11/99
Cane, Michael; Canada; Venom Clubman Mk II, last updated 10/7/2013
Cellmer, Jean; France; last updated 2/2/2002
Coles, Cliff; UK; Venom, Viper Clubman, Viper, last updated 13/2/2014
Desprez, Michel; France; Thruxton, last updated 11/12/2005
Fabre, Claude; France; Viper, last updated 25/5/2010
Faulkner (Eddie) Edwin: UK; 1959 Venom, last updated 06/02/2017
Frowde, Roger; UK; Venom, MAC, LE, last updated 11/9/2013
Galloway, Jona; North Yorkshire, England; rigid MAC, last updated 21/3/2006
Gentle, Sean; Cambridgeshire, England; rigid MSS, last updated 18/5/2005
Girton, Trevor; Thames Valley, England; Thruxton, last updated 26/4/2008
Given, Brian J; Ottawa, Canada; Venom, last updated 30/11/2003
Glen, Alan; UK; MSS, last updated 30/8/2007
Greenberg, Paul; Ohio, USA; MAC, last updated 21/8/2002
Greene, Paul; Argentina; rigid MAC, springer MAC, last updated 17/01/2018
Greening, Roger; Alcester Centre, England; KSS, rigid MSS, Viper, last updated 24/11/99
Gruber, Josef; Austria; springer MAC, last updated 8/12/99
Gunn, Hamish; UK; MSS, last updated 13/5/2016
Hackney, John; UK; Viper 1960,Mac 1959,Valiant Veeline 1958, Le 1962 mk3, last updated 30/10/2014
Haigh, Chris; UK; trials MAC special, last updated 3/2/2011
Hamilton, Mike; UK; rigid/dowty MAC, last updated 16/6/2015
Hanslin, Mats; Sweden; MSS special, last updated 26/10/2007
Harris, Christian; UK; 1953 MAC, last update 15/03/2019
Henshaw, David; Spain; MAC, last updated 10/10/2014
Hicks, John; UK; Venom special, last updated 26/5/2011
Hoffman, Randy; USA; KTT/Manx special, KTT, last updated 24/2/2015
Hoepfner-Lagershausen, Manuel; Germany; 1956 Velocette MAC, last updated 20/06/2017
Houtup, Jake; Winnipeg, Canada; Thruxton replica, last updated 23/3/2000
James, Barrie; Surrey, England; Dodkin Thruxton Special, Thruxton, KSS MkII, last updated 16/4/2009
Jennings, Michael; UK; Venom, last updated 4/4/2013 
Taylor, Keith; UK, MSS, last update 16/12/2016
Karlsson, Sören: Scandinavia, MAC 1952, MAC 1953, last update 12/04/2018
Kinnaird, Grant; UK; Viper, last updated 5/2/2001
Lacey, Ian; France; KTP/KSS, MSS, last updated 10/6/2013
Laforet, Daniel; Belgium; Racing Venom, last updated 1/11/2001
Lang, John; Netherlands; Scrambler, last updated 24/1/2000
Lawrence, Alan; Chelmsford, England; KTT Mk VIII, MSS, Venom, KTT Mk IV, last updated 15/9/2010
McIntosh, Donald; Scotland; MAC, last updated 9/1/2010
Morris, Ken; England; GTP, Venom, MAC, last updated 11/7/2012
Newsome, Mark: !937 KSS II and 1954 MSS last update 31/8/2016
Nixon, Dave; England; Venom last updated, 16/9/2015
Norman, Gordon. England, Venom Sport 1960, 20/07/2018
Oidvin, Steinarr; Norway; Venom Clubman MkII, last updated 19/10/2002
Owens, Geoff; Australia; Venom Clubman, last updated 30/09/2012
Patek, Johann; Vienna, Austria; Venom, Thruxton, last updated 26/11/99
Pink, James;  Alcester Centre, England; Venom Clubman, last updated 17/11/2014
Praderes, Jean-Pierre;  France; Viper Endurance, MSS & Watsonian sidecar, MAC, last updated 4/4/2013
Probst, Walter;  Germany; MAC, LEVAL, last updated 14/1/2001
Rasmussen, Palle; Norway; Thruxton, MSS, last updated 6/10/2011
Reid, David; UK; Venom, KSS Mk I, Venom racer, last updated 10/9/2005
Repik, Clive; UK; Venom Clubman, MAC, Viper Racer, last updated 11/4/2000
Ritson, Keith; UK; Venom with Watsonian Monza sidecar, last updated 4/9/2006
Robinson, Mike; UK; Venom Clubman, last updated 7/8/2000
Robinson, Roy; UK; Viper, last updated 14/11/2008
Roche, Tom; UK; GTP, last updated 17/12/99
Rouse, Bob; UK; MAC, last updated 5/12/2015
Rowlands, Anthony; Australia; MAC, last updated 4/7/2012
Royston, David; Australia; MAC, KSS, last updated 17/1/2012
Russell, Dave; UK; Venom, last updated 18/10/2014
Sannwald, Bernt; Germany; Thruxton, last updated 1/10/2015
Shipman, John; UK; Venom, last updated 7/6/2011
Smith, Terry; Germany. last update 28/08/2017
Soady, Ian; UK; Viper, last updated 1/8/2007
Southgate, Ashley; New Zealand; Viper, last updated 13/6/2010
Sprot, Peter; UK; Venom, Venom, last updated 9/10/99
Thomas, Alan; UK; Thruxton, last updated 9/7/2007
Kevin Thurston; UK, Racing Velo 500, last update 4/07/2019
Tod, Stuart; Caithness, Scotland; Venom, last updated 2/9/99
Tofield, George; New Zealand; Thruxton, Venom, last updated 21/1/2003
Turton, Bill; Spain; Viper, last updated 19/3/2010
Werner, Norbert; Germany; Viper, Venom, last updated 28/6/2008
Wheeler, Brian; UK; MAC, last updated 22/4/2007
Whitworth, Jeff; West Midlands Centre, England; Venom, last updated 9/11/2009
Wildsmith, Rodney; North Yorkshire, England, last update 15/06/2019
Wiltshire, David; England; Venom Clubman, last updated 8/11/2013
Woodhall, Andrew; UK; Venom, last updated 4/2/2008
Woolnough Richard; UK: 1949 MAC, last updated 15/03/2018
Workman, Jim; Alcester Centre, England; Venom, last updated 5/1/2008
Wright, Tony;  Alcester Centre, England;  Valiant, MAC, Venom, last updated 11/7/2012
Yarrow, Nigel; UK; MOV, rigid MAC, MAC, Venom Clubman, last updated 18/8/2015