The Velocette Owners Club now has a brand new supplier of our club regalia clothing and also has a fantastic new range of clothing available to order via the  VOC regalia website.
All the clothing is bespoke and delivered straight to your door once they have been individually made. The quality is just like anything Velocette - First Class and reliable!!

Please use the link on this page to go directly to the VOC regalia site where you can browse through the new
clothing along with all the other items available to order such as books, prints and badges. Keep checking the Regalia site as there are other items in the pipeline that will be appearing over the next few months.

Some examples of the range on our VOC regalia website

Len Moseley's My Velocette Days.
After some considerable work, the excellent book by Len Moseley has been reworked and reprinted by the Velocette Owners Club and is now for sale again after being out of publish for nearly 40 years. It is a fantastic account of Len's 50 year service at Veloce Ltd and what went on. There are many photographs which really bring the book to life. Get your copy before they all sell out, a must have for all Velocette enthusiasts!
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Fishtail Lapel Badge
We now have a new edition to the regalia catalogue, with this lovely little lapel badge, designed by our own Librarian Dave Girdler. The badge is based on the early Fishtail exhausts that give Velocettes their distinct look and sound. Bronze in colour with two pins on the rear for attaching to your clothing.
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New VOC Naked Lady Machine Badge
The latest addition to the regalia shop is a fantastic new design using the Naked Lady logo with Velocette Owners Club around the edge (50mm dia). The badges are made in Birmingham and are now available for you to buy through the clubs Regalia website. Keep your eye on the regalia website, as I am currently getting this new logo design ready to be embroidered onto various items in our clothing line. There are also new items such as the Haynes manual and overhaul DVDs for sale, have a look!!
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