Keeping Velocettes Alive

Veloce Spares Ltd

The Velocette Owners Club set up "Veloce Spares Ltd" to help its members to keep on riding. 
Full Postal Service and Regular Open Days at Huncote (see Events or
Click Here for Directions to The Old Chapel, Huncote)
Up to date printed Club Sales Lists can be mailed to members. 
For a single printed copy UK members are requested to send £3.00 in stamps to The Old Chapel. 
Non-UK members should order a Sales List by letter or by fax for £5.00 in Europe and £6.00 for the rest of the World. 
Postage is included in all cases.

Click Here for a copy of the latest Sales List as a pdf document

Click Here for an Excel spreadsheet version of the parts section of the latest Sales List 

The original Velocette part number is used to identify the part wherever possible. Parts should be ordered by this part number, and VSL's Spares List is mainly in part number sequence. 
(In addition, many special parts have been made at the request of members. These all have a part number starting VSL and they are clearly identified in the Club Spares List.) 
It is therefore almost essential that you have a copy of the original Velocette Company's Spare Parts List publication for your machine. A copy of the original Velocette Company's publication not only enables you to identify the part, but also, for models since the mid-1950's, it shows you how to assemble the parts correctly. Reprints of most of the original Velocette Company's Spare Parts List publications are available from VSL; as are copies of the original Velocette Company's Service Manuals. Look for them in the VSL Spares List - Part Numbers VSL102/ are Service Manuals, Part Numbers VSL104/ are Spares Lists. Please note that the presence of a part in the VSL Spares List does not mean it is currently on the shelf. Although most items are in stock, parts are bought or made in batches and this can only be done when the minimum order quantity is justified. Some parts were purchased by the club in small batches from dealers who were closing down and, once the last of these is sold, they are gone.

Your order should be entered on the appropriate VSL Order Form that
can be downloaded as follows:
Click Here for a POST OR FAX Order Form as a pdf file that you can print out, complete and mail or fax
Click Here for a POST OR FAX Order Form as an A4 Word doc file
Click Here for a POST OR FAX Order Form as a US Letter sized Word doc file 
Click Here for an e-mail Order Form as a Word doc file (for e-mail use only, NOT Post or Fax) 
Click Here for an e-mail Order Form as an Excel xls file (for e-mail use only, NOT Post or Fax) 

This makes the biggest single contribution to efficient use of our volunteers' time. Any other method wastes precious time as they try and work out what you want, and if they guess wrong then everyone's time is wasted. 

Simply post your order to Veloce Spares Ltd, The Old Chapel, Cheney End, Huncote, Leicester   LE9 3AD   UK
Or FAX to +44(0)116 275 2703

Orders sent by e-mail must not contain your Credit or Debit card details.
Instead, you need to register these details with VSL by POST or FAX before e-mailing subsequent orders.
Click Here for information on how to register and how to download a Registration Form.
VSL will reply to your registration by e-mail including all the information you need to order by e-mail.
Once you have received confirmation of your registration you can use your word processor or spreadsheet to complete and send your order.
You must use your word processor or spreadsheet to fill in the e-mail Order form. 
Then send it to VSL as a file attached to an e-mail. The VSL e-mail address and further guidance will be e-mailed to you when you are registered.
Please do not scan and send your order as an image!
Also please do not send a 'SkyDrive' file, or an .odt or .rtf or other than a .doc (or .docx) or .xls (or .xlsx) file because anything else upsets VSL's e-mail's security system. 
Please remember to update your registration with VSL if you change your card, or if it is renewed and therefore the expiry date and security code change. 
If you change your card you should send a replacement registration form to VSL. 
If your card is renewed then you can e-mail the new expiry date and security code to VSL, together with the last four digits of your registered card number.

Post and pack is extra on all orders
The absolute minimum charge for a parcel is £3.50. Letters will be sent at a lower rate according to the cost incurred.
The absolute maximum charge is 15% for delivery in the UK, and 25% for overseas.
We always try to reduce the actual charge in line with current postal rates and packaging material costs. Higher value orders will be insured against loss, but the charge to you will be within the maximums stated above

Credit & Debit cards are now preferred to cheques.
Cards that can be used are:
Solo & Maestro, Visa Credit and Debit, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing, MasterCard Credit and Debit and MasterCard Purchasing.
In addition to your Card Number and Expiry Date and your Name & Address it is now necessary for you to provide the three digit Security Code from your card. It is usually on the back, near to the signature block, and possibly near to a repeat of all or part of your card number.
If you do have to use a cheque, it is recommended that you endorse it with "An amount not to exceed £xx" rather than a specific amount. VSL can then complete the amount once any reduction in postage costs or price changes have been taken into account. The endorsement must be within the crossed, A/C payee area - like This.

Please remember that the Spares Company is run entirely by volunteers. Volunteers deal with all the orders received by post, fax or e-mail on one day each week (usually a Thursday) and so you should allow for this when anticipating delivery. The Old Chapel does not have any permanent staff, so communication by telephone is not normally possible.

Please note that it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the part is suitable for the intended use. These are not modern, computer-designed and made parts that never vary - they are from and for an era when occasional problems were expected and tolerated.
The Velocette Owners' Club cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or claims occurring through the use of parts or information provided and (save for death or personal injury arising from negligence) all such liability is hereby excluded.

Click Here to see some of the specially made parts with improved design features

Click Here to read a comprehensive explanation of the Velocette Parts Numbering System

Click Here to see the computer controlled racking and advanced tools in use by 1999/2000 Club PRO, Colin Goodwyn as he prepares the Old Chapel for the Auditor's visit....