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- how can I value or dispose of an inherited Velocette? - Various, TW 18/7/2000
what should I look out for in a Velo I'm considering buying? - Graham Byett, TW 18/8/2000, DR, TW 12/9/2000
- where can I buy a left-handed Velocette as in Fishtail 310? - Tony Ainley 23/9/2000, George Tofield, 21/10/2000
- where are the engine and frame numbers? - Jeremy Smith, TW 9/7/2003

- what jetting for a MK2 Amal Concentric? - Eric Cox 13/3/2003, Neville Smith 4/5/2003
CA002 CARBURETTOR(4) - why a banging in the exhaust? - Frank Dunning, TW 15/4/2003, Frank Dunning, TW 16/4/2003
CA003 CARBURETTOR(2) - settings for a Concentric 930 R300 on a Venom Clubman? - Hein Rollmann, TW 7/5/2003
CA004 CARBURETTOR(4) - why spitting back and unreliable idling? - Steven Buck, TW 24/6/2003, SB, TW 28/6/2003
CA005 CARBURETTOR(1) - what air filter to fit with a Concentric Mk I? - John Holland 12/3/2004 
CA006 CARBURETTOR(3) - sticking float on a Concentric/alternative carbs and settings for an MSS?- Marcus Hasted, TW 31/8/2004, MH 1/9/2004
CA007 CARBURETTOR(1) - settings for a 28mm Concentric on a Viper? -
David Leece, TW 2/7/2006
monobloc versus 276 on an MSS? - Bruce Moore 27/12/2006
settings for a Mikuni? - John Hoskins 18/6/2008

POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(3) - how can I make the chaincase completely oil-tight? - TW, TW 10/6/2000, Dai Gibbison 26/8/2000
CC002 POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(5) - what is the correct length for the "Inner" Chaincase distance piece (i.e. the item which fits directly onto the fixing bolt)? - Alan Stevenson 27/10/2000, TW 28/10/2000, Roger & Jane Franklin 4/12/2000, Dai Gibbison 14/12/2000, Bill Couzens| 10/8/2006
CC003 POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(4) - what should the gap between clutch outer plate and chaincase be? - Roger Hinton 14/3/2002, TW, RH, TW
CC004 POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(2) - can I run the chaincase without oil and use a chain lube instead? - Roger Hinton 11/5/2002, TW 12/5/2002
CC005 POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(2) - how to get the correct clearance for a 'neoprene' seal - Hein Rollmann, TW 3/4/2003
CC006 POST-WAR OIL LEAKS/CHAINCASE(2) - best way to fit the band-type seal? - David Royston, TW 4/12/2004

CH001 CHAIN(2) - does a Venom need a half-link, and what make of chain? - David Royston, TW 28/6/2002

CL000 CLUTCH(1) - what are some points to watch when assembling a clutch? - (Various), TW 
CL001 CLUTCH(6) - why is changing down very crunchy, but changing up and selecting neutral is fine? - TW, Bob Higgs, TW, BH 10/6/2000, Ron Sabey, TW 23/2/2001, 6/7/2001, 10/10/2001
CL002 CLUTCH(2) - length of thrust pins? - George Tofield 24/6/2000, Dai Gibbison 26/8/2000
CL003 CLUTCH(5) - why is the clutch slipping (and dragging), how do you stop the springs 'cockling' - Grant Kinnaird 13/1/2001, TW 14/1/2001, GK, TW, TW
CL004 CLUTCH(2) - adjusting a dragging clutch - Colin Bonfield 9/6/2001, TW 
CL005 CLUTCH(3) - why is there drag when I try to engage 1st gear, but not when testing with the kickstarter - Christian Soe-Jensen, TW 7/8/2001, Christian Soe-Jensen 11/10/2001
CL006 CLUTCH(2) - I have adjusted it properly, so why does my Thruxton clutch still drag? - Mithra  Neumann, TW 28/10/2001, Mithra Neuman, TW 29/10/2001 
CL007 CLUTCH(8) - my outer plate has too little clearance from the chaincase - Gilles Glachant 8/11/2001, TW 10/11/2001, GC, TW, GC, TW 23/10/2002, GC 24/10/2002, GC 24/6/2003 [plus corrections added by TW 7/3/2003 & 2/6/2003]
CL008 CLUTCH(5) - why is it dragging? - Roger Hinton, TW 17/3/2002, RH, TW, RH 17/4/2002, 
CL009 CLUTCH(7) - why stiff upwards changes? - Alan Lawrence, TW 23/4/2002, Alan Lawrence, TW 24/4/2002, Alan Lawrence, TW 25/4/2002, Alan Lawrence 3/5/2002
CL010 CLUTCH(4) - why a crunch on engaging first gear? - Roger Hinton, TW 28/6/2002, RH 29/6/2002, RH 8/8/2002
CL011 CLUTCH(2) - do thicker plates need longer thrust pins - Hein Rollmann, TW 2/10/2002
CL012 CLUTCH(4) - can these tight clearances be correct?- Paul S. Greenberg 5/3/2003, TW, Paul S. Greenberg 6/3/2003, TW 7/3/2003
CL013 CLUTCH(5) - why is it heavy? - Roger Hinton, TW 10/4/2003, Roger Hinton, TW 11/4/2003, Roger Hinton 18/4/2003
CL014 CLUTCH(6) - renovation of friction plates? - John Phelps, TW 28/5/2003, Roly Crisp, TW 2/6/2003, Roly Crisp, TW 3/6/2003
CL015 CLUTCH(2) - what is the method for setting the shimming for the thrust cup? - Eric Cox, TW 7/6/2003
CL016 CLUTCH(2) - where to obtain corks for a '39 MAC? - Jim Down 2/4/2004, Jim Down 15/7/2004
CL017 CLUTCH(2) - why won't the sleeve gear nut engage? - Richard Stevenson, 3/6/2006, Sten von Wachenfeldt, 13/6/2006
CL018 CLUTCH(1) - did the late sleeve gear nuts have no locking plate? - David Bevis 29/5/2007

CS001 CONTACTS/SERVICES(2) - anyone know of Velocette engineering services in Hampshire/Sussex/Surrey area? - Dorian Burrows 7/8/2000, Grant Kinnaird 22/11/2000
where can I get a model Venom engine? - Roy Harvey 16/7/2003

- details of the fitting brackets etc needed, with a view to remanufacture - Mark Rayner 5/2/2001, Roger Franklin 23/4/2001, Stewart Muir  5/9/2001

advice on enlarging a KSS engine towards 500cc requested - Dai Gibbison 16/3/2001, Clay Burton 29/3/2001, Dai Gibbison 2/5/2001, 
is it OK to use an anti-drain ball valve? - Dai Gibbison 2/5/2001, Dai Gibbison 23/6/2002
- what spark plug for a 1934 Mk I KSS, and where can they be obtained? - Harry Nicholson 19/11/2001, Jim Plant 28/11/2001
EK004 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - how to stop oil escaping from the valves on a Mk I - Steve Eade 28/3/2001
EK005 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - where can a breather go? - Clay Burton 15/12/2001
EK006 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - alternative engine shock absorber assembly for a Mk.1 KSS? - Neale Smith 12/8/2002
EK007 KSS/KTS ENGINE(2) - which modern spark plug for a 1936 KSS Mk II? - Dave Hatch 12/8/2004, DH 13/8/2004
EK008 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - are parts available for my KNSS aspin rotary valve Velocette engine? - Andrew King 24/3/2005
EK009 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - where does K38/6 fit and what are its dimensions? - Trevor Cason 30/3/2005
EK010 KSS/KTS ENGINE(2) - cause of bevel whine; size of exhaust nut on Mkll ? - John Hoskins 18/6/2007, Ron Sabey 31/12/2007
EK011 KSS/KTS ENGINE(1) - what balance factor on a 1936 KSS? - Leo Middelberg 2/12/2007

EL001 ELECTRICAL(4) - am I getting the wiring right for my JG unit? - Ron Sabey, TW 10/2/2001, Ron Sabey, TW 23/2/2001
suitable dynamo belts, and how to adjust? - David Royston, TW 28/2/2001 
- where can I get a suitable solid-state 6v regulator? - Brian McKeown 28/6/2001, TW 29/6/2001
how can I check if my dynamo is working? - Steve Bland, TW 20/11/2001
why is my dip-switch shorting; and my ammeter flickering? - John Allen, TW 16/12/2001
- what should the connections be to use a Lucas regulator with a Miller dynamo? - Alan Young 24/1/2002, Alan Lawrence 5/7/2002
- where can I get a 12v "black case" battery? - Reg Callow, TW 28/4/2002, George Lunt, TW 16/5/2002
- why is my dynamo running with the engine stopped/should it be positive or negative earth? - John Shipman, TW 9/5/2002, JS, TW 12/5/2002
why isn't my dynamo charging? - Frank Dunning, TW 12/8/2002, FD, TW 13/8/2002, FD, TW 14/8/2002, John Hannis in FT326, David Thomas in FT326
how can you identify a 60W Miller dynamo versus a 35W Miller? - Mick Dennis, TW 30/8/2002, Dougal Burns 2/1/2003, Tony Ainley 10/1/2003
advice on conversion to an alternator requested, particularly the Alton with Interspan electronic ignition - Paul Rochmis, TW 16/9/2002, Dave Reid 18/9/2002, Eric Cox 25/10/2002, Gilles Glachant 21/11/02, Andrew Barnes 21/1/2003, Ian Medd, Andrew Barnes, Dai Gibbison 14/5/2004, Ian Medd 2/6/2004, TW 15/6/2004
EL012 ELECTRICAL(1) - advice on conversion of KTP points and use of an alternator requested - Jimmy Burns 22/9/2002
why is my new regulator causing my Miller dynamo to overcharge? - Paul Martin, TW 1/11/2002, PM, TW 7/11/2002, PM 9/11/2002
EL014 ELECTRICAL(2) - is timing a BTH magneto different from a Lucas? - Jon Hurst, TW 7/11/2002
- does a 12volt conversion need the dynamo to run faster? - David Royston, TW 11/11/2002.
why did my magneto drive-shaft snap? - Gilles Glachant, TW 10/12/2002
why little benefit from converting to a 12v headlight? - Bryan Clarke 25/1/2003, TW 26/1/2003, Roger Hinton 13/3/2003
- why is my battery overheating, is my JG unit faulty? - Steve Orme 2/2/2004, TW 3/2/2004, SO 9/2/2004
- where to put a heat sink? - John Holland, TW 12/3/2004 
EL020 ELECTRICAL(5) - how to sort out a possible wiring fault? - Reg Taylor, TW 9/10/2004, RT, TW 10/10/2004, RT 11/10/2004
EL021 ELECTRICAL(2) - will an 8-0-8 Miller Ammeter handle 12v? - Ashley Jenkins, TW 30/8/2005
EL022 ELECTRICAL(4) - is my higher dynamo speed causing low charge problems? - Dave Disney, TW 19/1/2007, Dave Disney, TW 8/2/2007

why a sudden but temporary loss of compression? - Will Noble 10/4/2001, TW 17/4/2001
- advice on renovating rocker bearings please? - Peter Swift 28/5/2001, Dai Gibbison 16/10/2001, PS, TW 16/3/2002, Peter Swift, TW 17/3/2002, PS, TW 18/3/2002, Dai Gibbison 16/4/2002, PS 19/4/2002
EM003 MAC ENGINE(2) - why apparently poor scavenging/where to get an oil-pump overhauled in Australia? - Graham White 13/6/2002, TW 12/6/2002
EM004 MAC ENGINE(6) - why does the crankcase flood? - Paul Greenberg, TW 20/8/2002, PG, TW 22/8/2002, PG 26/8/2002, TW 27/8/2002
EM005 MAC ENGINE(2) - what balance factor on a 1936 MAC? - Leo Middelberg 22/12/2002, 2/12/2007
EM006 MAC ENGINE(3) - why doesn't my valve lifter work? - Keith Reynolds, TW 29/11/2003, KR 30/11/2003
EM007 MAC ENGINE(1) - what spec is the alloy of the MOV crankcases? - Greg Summerton 29/2/2004
EM008 MAC ENGINE(2) - do I need to use fuel additives? - Andrew Baxter, TW 24/5/2005, AB, TW 25/5/2005
EM009 MAC ENGINE(1) - what lift does the M17/6 cam give? - Sten von Wachenfeldt 13/6/2006

ES001 MSS ENGINE(1) - a smoking iron MSS; what were the piston and oiling changes to the MSS engine around 1937? - Martin Hughes 21/9/2003
what diameter are the Iron MSS inlet and exhaust valves - Bob Gussman 24/11/2004, BG 27/11/2004

VM ENGINE(10) - why does it pump oil into the primary chaincase? - TW, TW 10/6/2000, Dougal Burns 1/12/2000, TW 1/12/2000, DB, TW 3/12/2000, DB, TW 5/12/2000, DB, TW
EV002 VM ENGINE(2) - what oil and petrol should I use? - Dougal Burns 15/9/2000, TW 16/9/2000
EV003 VM ENGINE(2) - anyone know a source for rings for a 30 thou oversize Hepolite 86mm piston? - George Tofield, 20/10/2000, Tony Ainley 7/7/2001
EV004 VM ENGINE(4) - how can I change my oil with minimum mess? - David Royston 24/10/2000, TW 24/10/2000, DB 6/2/2001, Will Noble 12/4/2001
EV005 VM ENGINE(24) - why is my Viper stalling under load? - David Royston 11/11/2000, TW 12/11/2000, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW
- why is oil leaking from bottom of push-rod cover tube, at front? - David Royston 11/11/2000, TW 12/11/2000, DR 30/12/00, TW 30/12/00
EV007 VM ENGINE(2) - how to adjust the exhaust valve lifter cable? - Bob Hodgkins, TW 3/1/2001
EV008 VM ENGINE(3) - valve timing/alignment of timing marks? - Dougal Burns 15/1/2001, TW 16/1/2001, DB, TW, DB
EV009 VM ENGINE(5) - anyone know a supplier of a spanner/device that will permit removal of the magneto nuts? - Dougal Burns 2/2/2001, TW, DB, Richard Pack 2/3/2001, Ian Lacey 9/11/2001
EV010 VM ENGINE(2) - what modern oils do I use? - Ian Allan 23/3/2001, TW 27/3/2001
EV011 VM ENGINE(2) - how much damage from a stripped fibre magneto gearwheel? - John Minary, TW 26/4/2001
EV012 VM ENGINE(5) - how should I stop my Viper engine? - Brian McKeown 28/6/2001, TW 29/6/2001, Brian McKeown , TW 30/6/2001, Derek Williams 23/12/2004
EV013 VM ENGINE(2) - where can I get a +60thou MSS barrel resleeved - Pete 25/7/2001, Tony Ainley 25/8/2001
EV014 VM ENGINE(5) - how can I get my cylinder barrel off, and then repaint it - Dougal Burns, TW 6/11/2001, DB, TW 8/11/2001, DB, TW 25/1/2002 
EV015 VM ENGINE(2) - advice on preparing to starting my Viper after it has been standing for 9 years - Peter Gidlow 24/11/2001, TW 25/11/2001
EV016 VM ENGINE(3) - how to convert from hairpin valve springs to coil springs? - Pete Kendall, TW 4/1/2002, Paul Webb 24/4/2002
EV017 VM ENGINE(2) - what should the float-chamber fuel level be on a Monobloc? - Mel Ensor 16/1/2002, Derek Costello 12/10/2009
EV018 VM ENGINE(2) - are +60 over-bores and pistons and oversize guides available? - Sam Glenn, TW 12/2/2002
EV019 VM ENGINE(2) - what's causing smoke when hot - Ronnie Hoare, TW 19/2/2002
EV020 VM ENGINE(2) - what is the likely cause of my knocking noise - Bernard Langdon, TW 19/2/2002
EV021 VM ENGINE(4) - how to set end-float on the cam spindle - John Holland, TW 17/3/2002, Dai Gibbison 16/4/2002, Bill Couzens| 10/8/2006
EV022 VM ENGINE(4) - what caused my seizure? - Alex Mackay, TW 27/3/2002, Alex Mackay, TW 6/7/2002
EV023 VM ENGINE(2) - how long is a Venom pushrod? - John Holland, TW 8/4/2002
EV024 VM ENGINE(2) - how can I tell if my valves and seats suit unleaded?- Trevor Dingle, TW 22/4/2002
EV025 VM ENGINE(2) - why has my Viper no compression and won't start when hot? - Arthur J Stevens, TW 30/4/2002
EV026 VM ENGINE(2) - what's causing smoking on start-up but there's the normal amount oil in the crankcase? - Roger Hinton, TW 21/5/2002 
EV027 VM ENGINE(3) - what torque for the head nuts? -  Ronnie Houston, TW 24/5/2002, Alex Wood 11/12/2002
EV028 VM ENGINE(3) - how stiff should the valve lifter be? - Marcus Hasted, TW 12/6/2002, Bill Couzens| 10/8/2006
EV029 VM ENGINE(3) - why is it smoking on tickover? - Mike Simmons 25/6/2002, TW 26/6/2002, Roger Hinton 10/3/2003
EV030 VM ENGINE(2) - which spark plugs, what do the Champion codes mean? Steve Bland, TW 8/7/2002
EV031 VM ENGINE(5) - why does tickover speed up/oil on fins? - Frank Dunning, TW 14/7/2002, FD, TW 15/7/2002, FD 30/7/2002
EV032 VM ENGINE(27) - why did my piston acquire a hole/some important points for the engine rebuild? - David Royston, TW 25/7/2002, DR, TW, DR 26/7/2002,  DR, TW, TW, DR 27/7/2002, TW, DR 28/7/2002, DR, TW 17/8/2002, DR 19/8/2002, DR, TW 24/8/2002, DR, TW 31/8/2002, DR 1/9/2002, TW 2/9/2002, DR, TW 3/9/2002, DR 4/9/2002, TW 5/9/2002, DR, TW 8/9/2002, Roly Crisp 31/5/2004
EV033 VM ENGINE(2) - what carb can replace the Monobloc on my MSS? - Bob Falconer 2/8/2002, TW 6/8/2002
EV034 VM ENGINE(2) - how many compression plates? - Craig Farrington, 2/8/2002, TW 6/8/2002
EV035 VM ENGINE(2) - re-sleeving an alloy barrel: how hot does a Venom get? - Eric Cox, TW 9/8/2002
EV036 VM ENGINE(2) - where exactly should the breather hole be drilled? - Mike Robinson, 14/9/2002, TW 15/9/2002
EV037 VM ENGINE(13) - is pinking normal on a Velocette? - Hein Rollmann, Amsterdam, TW 25/9/2002, HR, TW 26/9/2002, HR, TW 27/9/2002, HR, TW 2/10/2002, HR, TW, HR, TW  9/10/2002, Dai Gibbison 5/5/2003
EV038 VM ENGINE(9) - how to repair a stripped rocker oil feed union thread? - David Royston, TW 3/10/2002, DR, TW 5/10/2002, Tony Ainley 7/10/2002, DR 22/10/2002, TW 23/10/2002, DR 24/10/2002, Philip Brown 9/7/2003
EV039 VM ENGINE(2) - what are the dimensions for a needle roller conversion for the camshaft? - Rolf Minkenberg 9/11/2002, RM 4/6/20032
EV040 VM ENGINE(2) - what alternative pistons for a longstroke Venom?- Rolf Minkenberg 9/11/2002, RM 4/6/20032
EV041 VM ENGINE(1) - is a 32mm Concentric suitable for a Thruxton; why does it spit back/any advice on why an Italian piston holed and how to recover? - Michael Walker 12/11/2002
EV042 VM ENGINE(2) - does my "piston slap" merit attention? - David Royston 1/1/2003, TW 2/1/2003
EV043 VM ENGINE(4) - experience of a 10TT9 carb?  - Andrew Barnes, TW, AB, TW 21/1/2003
EV044 VM ENGINE(2) - why does my engine smoke in just one circumstance? - Rob Nelson 22/1/2003, TW 23/1/2003
EV045 VM ENGINE(2) - which barrels were painted black? - Michael Gregor 5/1/2003
EV046 VM ENGINE(1) - analysis of the Venom engine design and "pinking" - Ingebrigt Valberg 18/3/2003
EV047 VM ENGINE(1) - analysis of the Venom cam design - Ingebrigt Valberg 20/8/2003
EV048 VM ENGINE(4) - where can I get a piston, and do I need some compression plates? - Steven Buckley, TW 27/9/2003, SB, TW 28/9/2003
EV049 VM ENGINE(4) - how do I free a rusted piston? - Robin MacLeod, TW 24/10/2003, RMacL, TW 25/10/2003
EV050 VM ENGINE(2) - where can I get Fath valve springs or an equivalent? - Nigel Bursnell 3/2/2004, Tony Ainley 13/2/2004
EV051 VM ENGINE(2) - where can I get the special magneto stud nuts? - Gary Ingraham, TW 17/6/2004
EV052 VM ENGINE(1) - has anyone else had valve seizures when using fuel additives? - Mick Thorp 15/10/2004
EV053 VM ENGINE(1) - what is the cold interference fit for the oil-pump? - David Breetwor 3/4/2005
EV054 VM ENGINE(1) - where can I get a 12:1 Venom piston? - Roy Harvey 27/5/2005
EV055 VM ENGINE(2) - where can I get an alloy Viper barrel re-sleeved? - Martin Chlebek, TW 6/7/2005
EV056 VM ENGINE(1) - can cams slip on the camwheel? - Melvyn Ward 29/11/2005 
EV057 VM ENGINE(2) - why no tickover when hot? - Tim Wall 3/1/2006, Roger Hinton 17/1/2006
EV058 VM ENGINE(2) -  is my oil loss caused by an incorrect breather? - Stuart Thomson, TW 24/1/2006
EV059 VM ENGINE(2) - why is it smoking on start-up? - Keith Whitehead 1/4/2006
EV060 VM ENGINE(1) - suitable switch to replace anti-drain ball-valve? - Ian Bell 15/4/2006
EV061 VM ENGINE(2) - how many compression plates as standard? - Ron Wardale, TW 19/6/2006
EV062 VM ENGINE(2) - how to check valve timing? - Brian Taylor, TW 13/2/2008

EX001 VM EXHAUST/SILENCER(2) - can a sweptback pipe fit with standard footrests? - Pete Taylor  8/1/2001, TW 9/1/2001 
proper fit of the pipe on the exhaust port stub? - Peter Swift 20/1/2001, TW 20/1/2001, Dai Gibbison 23/2/2001, Ian Medd 5/3/2001
EX003 VM EXHAUST/SILENCER(4) - what difference does the smaller diameter exhaust pipe make? -  Alasdair Dick 21/3/2001, TW, AD, Barnaby Waylen 6/10/2001
EX004 VM EXHAUST/SILENCER(2) - will a 'Thruxton type' fit my standard Viper (and give more ground clearance)? - David Royston, TW 19/11/2001
EX005 VM EXHAUST/SILENCER(5) - is a baffle tube needed? - Geoff Heppell, TW 14/7/2002, GH 15/7/2002, GH, TW 16/7/2002
EX006 VM EXHAUST/SILENCER(2) - should the rear spindle touch the silencer? - John Phelps, TW 31/3/2003

FA001 FITTING ACCESSORIES(2) - how to add panniers, indicators? - Colin Bonfield 9/6/2001, TW 
FA002 FITTING ACCESSORIES(1) - how to fit an Avonaire fairing? - Michael Newman 27/2/2005

FB001 FRONT BRAKE(8) - cure for front-brake shudder? - David Royston , TW 23/12/2000, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW
FB002 FRONT BRAKE(2) - what are the dimensions of the spacer, Part No. W52/3? - Alex Wood 17/1/2001, Dai Gibbison 26/2/2001
FB003 FRONT BRAKE(1) - what is the maximum diameter that a front brake drum can be reliably skimmed to?. - Eric Cox 8/2/2002
FB004 FRONT BRAKE(2) - what is needed to fit a TLS? - Alex Wood, TW 9/12/2003

FK001 FRONT FORKS(6) - have I got faulty damping? - David Royston , TW 23/12/2000, DR, TW, DR, TW, DR, TW
FK002 FRONT FORKS(2) - how to check the condition of a used set of forks? - Akiba Yoichiro, TW 28/4/2002 
FK003 FRONT FORKS(2) - why won't my spring dust cover tighten up - David Royston, TW 6/5/2002
FK004 FRONT FORKS(4) - how to seal a leak from bottom bracket? - David Royston, TW 19/5/2002, Allan Thomas 6/6/02, David Royston 24/6/2002.
FK005 FRONT FORKS(4) - why is my split collar protruding inwards too much? - Allan Thomas, TW 6/6/2002, Allan Thomas 23/6/02, TW 28/6/2002
FK006 FRONT FORKS(3) - where can I get Dowty forks converted to use springs? - Dave Lawless, TW 19/8/2002, DL 31/8/2002
FK007 FRONT FORKS(1) - why is it 'fluttering'? - Andrew Barnes 23/1/2003
FK008 FRONT FORKS(2) - what were the original dimensions for the late model MkI KSS front girder Webb fork C1935? - Warwick Nicholson 10/2/2003, Harry Nicholson 25/2/2003
FK009 FRONT FORKS(3) - why does one leg on my MAC hit the tank? - Keith Reynolds, TW 29/11/2003, KR 30/11/2003
FK010 FRONT FORKS(5) - why am I having problems with assembly? - Reg Taylor, TW 12/2/2004, RT, TW 13/2/2004, RT 14/2/2004
FK011 FRONT FORKS(2) - how to remove a stuck fork leg? - Alan Parker, TW 15/1/2005
FK012 FRONT FORKS(1) - how does air get in and out of a Velo tele fork, or is it partially "air-sprung"? - Andrew Baxter 7/8/2005

FV001 VM FRAME(2) - should a 1960 Venom have a centrestand? - Dougal Burns 15/9/2000, TW 16/9/2000
FV002 VM FRAME(4) - is there a knack to putting my Viper on its centre-stand? -  David Royston 9/10/2000, TW 10/10/2000, George Tofield, 31/10/2000, DR 27/12/2000 
FV003 VM FRAME(4) - should I try to replace my own swinging arm-bushes? - Bob Hodgkins 30/5/2001, TW, BH, Mel Ensor 19/1/2002
FV004 VM FRAME(3) - how to remove end-float on trunnion shaft? - Ian Medd 21/9/2001, TW 22/9/2001, Ian Medd 10/10/2001
FV005 VM FRAME(3) - where can I get a carrier? - Clive Larby, TW 17/4/2002, Alan Lawrence 30/4/2002
FV006 VM FRAME(2) - how should I straighten a bent upper suspension bracket? - David Royston 16/4/2002, TW 18/4/2002
FV007 VM FRAME(2) - where is the frame number? - John Shipman, TW 9/5/2002
FV008 VM FRAME(2) - can I rotate the trunnion shaft to take up wear? - David Royston, TW 9/5/2002
FV009 VM FRAME(5) - how can the tubes be welded successfully? - Roger Hinton 13/6/2002, TW 14/6/2002, RH 14/6/2002, RH, TW 7/8/2003
FV010 VM FRAME(3) - how is the toolbox attached; was there a factory steering lock reducer? - David Price, TW 27/9/2002, Tony Ainley 7/10/2002
FV011 VM FRAME(1) - experience of switching the Venom engine to a Featherbed frame? - Andrew Barnes 23/1/2003
FV012 VM FRAME(2) - does the centre stand fit with rearsets? - Craig Farrington, TW 28/5/2004
FV013 VM FRAME(1) - was a saddle available for the springer models rather than a dualseat? - Gary Ingraham 6/7/2005
FV014 VM FRAME(1) - where can I get a frame straightened? - Mike Craig 7/8/2005
FV015 VM FRAME(1) - how to press in the trunnion bushes? - Raymond Albeson 10/1/2007

GB001 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(7) - kickstarter spring replaced with a new one, so why does it return so slowly? - Roy Solomon, TW 10/6/2000, Dougal Burns 26/4/2001, TW, DB, TW, Dougal Burns 29/8/2001
GB002 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - what is the reason for my sleeve gear oil leak? - John Willcox 15/3/2001, TW 18/3/2001
GB003 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - how to seal the gearchange bush? Adrian Bowman 8/5/2001, Jim Plant 6/7/2001
GB004 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - my Viper has a /14, what effect will this have? - Frank Dunning, TW 18/12/2001
GB005 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(3) - why does the kickstarter move down while I'm riding? - David Royston, TW 5/2/2002, DR 17/2/2002
GB006 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(14) - why does my ratchet slip without a hardened washer? - Garry Tomlins, TW 17/2/2002, GT, TW 20/2/2002, GT, TW 23/2/2002, GT,  TW, GT, TW 24/2/2002, GT, TW 2/3/2002, GT, TW
GB007 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - what effect will a prefix 14 box have on my Viper's gearing - Frank Dunning, TW 19/12/2001
GB008 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - details of the kickstart shaft oil seal modification from F.T.234? - Gordon Roberts 11/4/2002, Dai Gibbison 7/6/2002
GB009 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - how can a Clubman's reversed gear-lever be made adjustable? - George Lunt, TW 17/5/2002
GB010 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(5) - where has top-gear gone, how straight-forward is the gearbox? - Paul Greenberg 26/8/2002, TW 27/8/2002, PG 28/8/2002, TW 30/8/2002, PG 28/10/2002
GB011 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(6) - how to stop a sleeve-gear bearing lock ring loosening - Kei Kubota, TW 26/9/2002, Tony Ainley 7/10/2002, KK, TW 11/10/2002, KK 14/10/2002
GB012 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(6) -  why doesn't my kickstarter ratchet engage fully? - Richard Pack, TW 12/12/2002, RP, TW 13/12/2002, RP 2/1/2003, TW 3/1/2003
GB013 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(3) - why is the first gearwheel on the mainshaft contacting the end-cover? - Graham Lockwood 27/2/2003, TW 28/2/2003, Graham Lockwood 8/5/2003
GB014 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(3) - what layshaft endfloat; what thickness gasket; how many dogs on a sleeve gear? - Brian Mckeown, TW 2/3/2003, Brian Mckeown 3/3/2003
GB015 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(4) - why is it jumping out of gear? - John Phelps, TW 25/3/2003, JP, TW 31/3/2003
GB016 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(7) - why is first gear slipping? - Fiacc O'Brolchain, TW 31/3/2003, Fiacc O'Brolchain 1/4/2003, Fiacc O'Brolchain, TW 6/5/2003, Fiacc O'Brolchain, TW 7/5/2003
GB017 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(3) - why won't first gear stay engaged? - Roly Crisp 14/4/2003, TW 17/4/2003, RC 23/4/2003
GB018 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - what clearances for the sleeve gear bush? - Eric Cox, TW 15/5/2003
GB019 GEARBOX/KICKSTARTER(2) - why does it change into a neutral beyond second, rather than second? - Rob Hunt, TW 21/2/2006

GP001 GTP(1) - cause of uncontrolled acceleration? -  Andy Richardson 18/4/2007

IM001 IGNITION/MAGNETO(6) - why a temporary loss of spark after standing? - Will Noble 10/4/2001, TW 17/4/2001, WN, TW, WN, WN 15/6/2001
IM002 IGNITION/MAGNETO(5) - what is the procedure for setting the ignition timing? - Reg Callow, TW 1/7/2001, David Reid, TW 27/2/2003, Bill Couzens, 13/6/2006
IM003 IGNITION/MAGNETO(2) - technical data on the square ML magneto as on a KTT Mark 1? - Andrew Barnes 21/1/2003
IM004 IGNITION/MAGNETO(1) - technical data required for the K1FC magneto - George Tolfield 11/3/2003
IM005 IGNITION/MAGNETO(2) - where can I get an ATD converted to a steel gearwheel? - Hein Rollmann 19/5/2003, TW 20/5/2003
IM006 IGNITION/MAGNETO(1) - how do you set the timing of a Boyer Brandsen ignition kit in a Velocette coil ignition housing? - Bob Gussman 26/7/2003
IM007 IGNITION/MAGNETO(2) - how to use the advance/retard once on the move? - Dave Lawless 28/12/2003

IV001 INDIAN VELO(3) - information please? - Allen McLaughlin 26/5/2001, TW, Benjamin Zager 21/9/2002
IV002 INDIAN VELO(2) - more information please! - Patrick Fitzgerald, TW 16/4/2002
price compared with a Venom? - Steve Moorey, TW 21/6/2004

KC001 K-MODEL CHAINCASE(3) - oil capacity, level and leaks? - Clayton Burton 5/2/2001, Roger Franklin, TW

KP001 KTP ENGINE(1) - is it safer to run with Mag or coil ignition? Is there a modern way to improve the points set-up in the KTP head? Should we convert to single port head with mag? - Jimmy Burns, 25/11/2000
KP002 KTP ENGINE(2) - source of replacement or resurfacing of cams and rocker skids? - Bob Selfe 10/2/2001, Dai Gibbison 23/2/2001 

KR001 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(2) - anyone know the correct spec for the restoration of certain KSS items? -  Dave Hempsted, 10/11/2000, Roger & Jane Franklin 4/12/2000
KR002 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(2) - anyone know the correct spec for the restoration of certain KTS items? - Alex Berry 30/11/2000, Roger & Jane Franklin 4/12/2000
KR003 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(2) - what model had an engine designation of KCR? - Paul Challis 19/5/2001, George Tofield 15/7/2001
KR004 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(2) - spec for 1939 KSS wheel rims and horn? - Gordon Roberts 30/9/2001, GR 12/2/2002
KR005 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(3) - where is the frame number & how I could obtain a log book and registration number? Tim Perkins, TW 7/3/2002, Terry Saxby 6/11/2002.
KR006 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(2) - what are the KSS Mk I wheel and tyre specifications - Terry Saxby 5/11/2002, Andrew Barnes 23/1/2003
KR007 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(1) - how does the valve lifter cable anchor on a KSS Mk II? - Gordon Roberts 17/6/2003
KR008 KSS/KTS RESTORATION(1) - where can I get KTP silencers? - Jimmy Burns 16/10/2003

LI001 LIGHTS(3) - what are the correct sizes & types for a 1951 MAC? - Tony Ainley 21/2/2001, Dai Gibbison 2/3/2001, Roger Franklin 28/3/2001

LS001 LUBRICATION SYSTEM(3) - where can I get an oil pipe crimper? - Dougal Burns, TW 25/1/2002, Dai Gibbison 25/2/2002
LS002 LUBRICATION SYSTEM(4) - what size mesh for a rigid MAC oil strainer gauze? - Paul Greenberg, TW 28/10/2002, Paul Greenberg, TW 30/10/2002
LS003 LUBRICATION SYSTEM(2) - should my Viper's oil tank have cracked across the lower bracket - David Royston, TW 10/8/2004
LS004 LUBRICATION SYSTEM(1) - where can I get my split oil tank modified? - Steven Buckley 29/10/2004
LS005 LUBRICATION SYSTEM(1) - how to fit a plug valve in place of the ball valve assembly to stop wet sumping? - Peter Taylor 18/9/2005

ME001 METISE FRAMES(1) - any experiences? - Andrew Barnes 25/1/2003

MF001 MAC FRAME(3) - were they made with a plate cradle instead of bottom tubes? - David Porritt 17/9/2001, TW 18/9/2001, David Wilson 12/3/2002
MF002 MAC FRAME(1) - what is the part number or supplier for the 2 shouldered bolts which hold the rear stand to the mudguard on a 1952 MAC? - Jon Hurst 7/11/2002

MO001 MOV ENGINE(1) - how to make the valve covers oil tight, what spark plug, etc - Peter Foster 18/11/2001

PERFORMANCE(2) - why is mid-range and top-end poor, it even seems to go faster when I close the throttle? - TW, TW 10/6/2000
PE002 PERFORMANCE(8) - why no top-end power, almost faster in 3rd? - Peter Hope 21/2/2001, TW 26/2/2001, PH, TW, PH, TW, PH 20/6/2001, TW
PE003 PERFORMANCE(6) - why pinking and power drop off on my Viper? - Dave McNally 30/4/2001, TW, DMcN, TW, DMcN, TW

PT001 PETROL TANK/TAPS(2) - what size is the thread in the tank of a Venom? - Kim Hopkins 8/8/2001, TW 11/8/2001
PT002 PETROL TANK/TAPS(2) - suppliers of alloy tanks? - John Holland 2/12/2002, Eric Cox 11/1/2003

RB001 REAR BRAKE(2) - availability of shoes? TW 20/2/2001

RG001 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - advice on getting my 1958 MAC back on the road - Colin Bonfield 5/3/2001
RG002 RESTORATION GENERAL(2) - who can re-chrome paint and gold line my 1961 Venom petrol tank? - Ted Lawson 16/8/2001, Chris Hadfield 9/12/2001
RG003 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - how to apply transfers? - David McNally 17/7/2002, TW 19/7/2002
RG004 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - what finish handlebars on a 1954 MAC? - Graham Baldwin 1/9/2002, TW 2/9/2002
RG005 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - what bolt sizes, gearbox bearings and oil seals, handlebars? - Vince Buckley, TW 30/10/2002
RG006 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - information about a "Dodkin Viper Special" requested - Chris and Kim Johnson, 6/11/2002
RG007 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - what finish petrol tank on a 1958 Venom - Ray Brown 9/11/2002
RG008 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - which model Velocette is best for me? - Ian Lambert, TW 18/11/2002
RG009 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - what is the colour code of the blue used for the Viper & Venom Special models? - John McAloran 9/12/2002
RG010 RESTORATION/GENERAL(4) - how to fit handlebar grips? - Roly Crisp, TW 21/2/2003, Roly Crisp 4/3/2003, Ian Lacey, 7/8/2003
RG011 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - what is the RED BOOK, where can I get one? - John Phelps, TW 31/3/2003
RG012 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - advice on re-painting? - David Royston, TW 15/5/2003
RG013 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - where can I get an M206 Oil Pump Drive Worm? - Ben Beeckman, 20/10/2003, Sten von Wachenfeldt, 22/10/2003
RG014 RESTORATION/GENERAL(8) - when did the MAC use a barrel silencer? - Mark Hodgkinson 20/11/2003, TW 21/11/2003, MH, TW 22/11/2003, MH, TW 26/11/2003, MH, TW 1/12/2003
RG015 RESTORATION/GENERAL(3) - how can you remove baked on 'R'? - Dave Read 4/12/2003, Dave Read 11/4/2004, Bruce Pederick 23/4/2004
RG016 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - how to repaint a petrol tank? - John Holland, TW 12/3/2004 
RG017 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - what transfers for a 1959 Venom? - Craig Farrington, TW 1/6/2004.
RG018 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - availability of GTP knee grips? - Joe Hebblethwaite 9/6/2004
- how to seal a leaking petrol tank seam? - Colin Saunders, TW 9/8/2004, CS 6/10/2004
RG020 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - availability of correct steel rear mudguard for 1960 MSS? - Alan Parker 17/3/2005 
RG021 RESTORATION/GENERAL(2) - availability of steel mudguards for a MAC? - Christopher Oldfield 7/10/2005, John McAloran 19/12/2005
RG022 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - source of stainless mudguards? - Dave Smart 17/4/2006
RG023 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - are Venom gearbox technical drawings available? - Mark Rayner, 31/7/2006
RG024 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - correct transfers for a KSS? - Ian Bell, 21/9/2006
RG025 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - what are the rim offset and spoke dimensions on a KTP? - Ian Lacey, 22/9/2005
RG026 RESTORATION/GENERAL(1) - will an early silencer and timing cover fit a '54 MAC?- Ashley Jenkins 8/10/2007

SC001 SEATS/COVERS(5) - how is the cover attached/where can I get a replacement? - John Shipman, TW, JS 26/5/2002, JS, TW 2/6/2002

SP001 SPEEDOMETER(2) - can I reset the trip counter?David Royston 29/10/2000, TW 29/10/2000
- where can I find rubber seals for the Smiths speedo and Miller ammeter? - Bob Hodgkins, TW 4/1/2001,Dai Gibbison 23/2/2001
why is my speedo drive gearbox locking the wheel? - Ron Sabey, TW 28/4/2002, RS 2/5/2002 
which drive unit? - Craig Farrington, 2/8/2002, TW 6/8/2002
which type for a 1936 MAC? - John Holland 31/1/2005

- how much oil, and of what grade, in a Girling rear suspension unit? - George Tofield 22/8/2000, Chris Hill 25/8/2000, Dai Gibbison 26/8/2000, Martin Russell 5/12/2000
how or where can I get a pair of Woodhead Monroe units renovated? - Willie Williams 13/12/2002

- it starts OK hot, but why not cold? - David Royston, TW 2/10/2002
SV002 VM/STARTING GENERAL(3) - it starts OK cold, but why not hot? - David Price, TW 27/9/2002, Andrew Barnes 29/1/2003
SV003 VM/STARTING GENERAL(3) - what is the knack? - Dorian Burrows 18/6/2000; TW 21/6/2000, Andrew Barnes 23/1/2003
SV004 VM/STARTING GENERAL(2) - how do I use the decompressor; where can I get an instruction book? - Gareth Palfrey-Evans, TW 9/8/2000
SV005 VM/STARTING GENERAL(3) - plugs made inoperative by modern petrol? - John Turner, TW 17/11/2001, JT 24/11/2001
SV006 VM/STARTING GENERAL(4) - why does it stop after a few miles then won't restart until cold? - Dorian Burrows, TW 24/5/2002, Dorian Burrows, TW 25/5/2002
SV007 VM/STARTING GENERAL(1) - any information about an electric starter conversion? - John Turner 19/3/2003
SV008 VM/STARTING GENERAL(1) - why is starting inconsistent? - Angus Cameron, 8/4/2003
SV009 VM/STARTING GENERAL(2) - poor hot starting - can my magneto be tested? - David Kendall, TW 21/7/2003
SV010 VM/STARTING GENERAL(2) - poor cold starting and banging in exhaust - Dave Lawless, TW 3/10/2004
SV011 VM/STARTING GENERAL(2) - why kicking back? - John Terry, TW 15/11/2004
SV012 VM/STARTING GENERAL(1) - effect of K1F cam ring variance; ATD wear; and Concentric float height - Bill Couzens 1/8/2006

TA001 TACHOMETER(9) - how to stop oil travelling up the drive cable? - Gilles Glachant, TW 25/8/2000, GG 3/9/2000, GG 12/9/2000, TW 16/9/2000, Tony Ainley, TW 23/9/2000, GC 8/11/2001, John Richardson, TW 25/10/2004
TA002 TACHOMETER(2) - fitting requirements? - John Holland, TW 12/2/2002
TA003 TACHOMETER(1) - does this model suit a Venom? - M Walsh 17/3/2008

TH001 THRUXTON(5) - is it a wise acquisition? - Peter Houchin 3/6/2001, TW 4/6/2001, TW, M Neuman 28/10/2001, Gilles Glachant 10/12/2002
TH002 THRUXTON(5) - where can I get a fairing? - Jouni Rinne, Finland 29/8/2001, Tony Ainley 15/10/2001, M Neuman 28/10/2001, Tony Ainley 29/10/2001, Alan Lawrence 23/4/2002
TH003 THRUXTON(1) - is it good to fit an inch and and a half carb to my 571cc Thruxton - Stoo, 13/1/2002
TH004 THRUXTON(2) - which spark plug? - Daniel Tycer, TW 5/2/2002
TH005 THRUXTON(1) - what alternative carbs and settings? - Frans 7/5/2002
TH006 THRUXTON(1) - advice on fitting Concentric carbs please? - George Tofield 17/2/2003
TH007 THRUXTON(1) - comparisons with the DBD34 requested - John Young 26/3/2003
TH008 THRUXTON(2) - how to run in/what oil - Melvyn Ward, TW 19/4/2004
TH009 THRUXTON(1) - did Stevens build a batch of Thruxtons in 1972? - Tony Morley 11/12/2004
TH010 THRUXTON(3) - what is the effect of a 23T gearbox sprocket? - Mike Grinstead 12/12/2004, TW, MG 13/12/2004
TH011 THRUXTON(9) - how is the full fairing attached? - Roger Hinton 20/3/2006, JT, RH 13/5/2006, JT, RH 14/5/2006, RH, JT, RH 1/6/2006, RH 5/6/2006
TH012 THRUXTON(1) - what is the specification of the silver colour used on a Thruxton? - Robert Watson 22/11/2006

TY001 TYRES(6) - suitable tyres for a Thruxton? - John Allen 26/4/2001, TW, Dai Gibbison 2/5/2001, Ian Medd 16/5/2001, JA 16/12/2001, IM 1/4/2004
TY002 TYRES(1) - advantages in using TT100 360Hx19 or 410Hx19 on front and rear? - Ted Lawson 25/11/2003
TY003 TYRES(3) - best rear tyre for a rigid MAC? - Andrew Baxter, TW 29/2/2004, AB 16/4/2004

VA001 VALIANT(2) - how can I replace the broken screen on my Veeline fairing? - Bill Redrobe 1/4/2001, Bob Dixon 25/1/2002
VA002 VALIANT(3) - how do you sort out the carbs to restore performance - Neville Perkins, TW 24/4/2002, Neville Perkins 26/4/2002

WB001 WHEELS/BRAKES(3) - colour of front brake drum on Venom? - David Ashall, TW 13/7/2000, Dai Gibbison 23/2/2001
WB002 WHEELS/BRAKES(2) - what finish was the wheel rim on a 1950 MAC? - Chris Hill 12/8/2000, CH 27/9/2000
WB003 WHEELS/BRAKES(4) - is it practical to rebuild my own? - Frank Dunning, TW 1/3/2002, FD, TW
WB004 WHEELS/BRAKES(2) - what size are the three holding nuts on a Venom q/d rear wheel? - Reg Callow, TW 30/6/2002
WB005 WHEELS/BRAKES(1) - alternative rear hub/brake for a Mk 1 KSS? - Neale Smith 12/8/2002
WB006 WHEELS/BRAKES(2) - can a brake drum be re-toothed? - Rolf Minkenberg 9/11/2002, Tony Ainley 29/11/2002
WB007 WHEELS/BRAKES(2) - availability of twin leading shoe front brake? - Trevor Bowdler 8/1/2003, Roly Crisp 9/1/2003